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Our Value

Naturally, no two clients or recommendations that we make, are the same but as an example of the value of advice, research* shows that the average UK income in retirement is £18,000 per annum. However, the average for those who set an income target and used a financial adviser is £24,175 in retirement. Put another way, by not working with a financial adviser, a client can potentially lose out on an extra 41% or as much as £147,147 over the course of a 21-year retirement.

Besides providing leading edge investment and insurance solutions, our clients tell us that we add value to them at a review by:
  • Checking how any personal changes in income or capital wealth may impact their current provisions or tax situation

  • Utilising their existing provisions first before considering starting a new plan

  • Explaining in simple terms how the UK Government Budget announcements impact them by way of welfare or income, capital or inheritance tax changes

  • Reminding them so that they do not miss out on valuable allowances that once they are gone, they are gone forever (e.g. ISAs)

  • Making sure they do not miss out on getting money back that might be owed (e.g. tax relief on pension and retirement planning)

  • Rebalancing their assets so they are always comfortable with the risk they take when investing, while ensuring they don’t miss out on potentially better returns

  • Reassuring them that they are not unnecessarily taking too much risk with their current assets

  • Placing their assets the right name ownership and tax wrapper so that they legally and ethically ensure they do not pay too much tax when they want to spend them

Delivering real value for money

Intrinsic is able to use its scale and buying power to drive down the costs with their chosen providers, which in turn delivers great value and reduced costs for you. Intrinsic is also able to negotiate exclusive products and features that you will not be able to find anywhere else in the market. For example, our range of protection providers offer features unique to Intrinsic that are not available to any other advisers in the UK.

*Source: Retirement Income Uncovered – The New Normal 2016

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