Divorce Finance

Embark on a path to financial clarity and independence during divorce with our tailored advice and compassionate support.
“After my divorce, I was overwhelmed with the financial complexities, especially regarding our shared assets and pensions. Thankfully, Halcyon Wealth was there to guide me through every step. Their personalised advice and detailed cash flow analysis were invaluable. They helped me understand the implications of each financial decision, ensuring a fair and secure financial future.”

– Ms Richards

At Halcyon Wealth, our approach to divorce financial planning is twofold. Initially, we focus on the equitable division of assets, ensuring that all financial elements, including the more complex ones like pension schemes, are fairly assessed and divided. This involves a thorough evaluation of your joint assets, investments and retirement savings, providing clarity and fairness in what can often be a complex process.

Beyond the division of assets, our guidance extends to comprehensive post-divorce financial planning. This includes a detailed analysis of your individual cash flow, helping you understand and manage your financial situation after the divorce. We also offer tailored advice on securing insurance related to maintenance agreements and navigating mortgage options. Our aim is to provide a stable financial foundation for your life after divorce, reducing the potential for future financial struggles and ensuring a smooth transition to your new financial reality. 

Our team advise on:

Pension Sharing & Offsetting Reports

Cash Flow Modelling Reports

Mortgage Capacity Assessments

Tax-Efficient Asset Division

Implementing a Pension Sharing Order

Investing Money After A Divorce

Protecting Maintenance Payments

Estate Planning Post-Divorce