What We Do

The most important part of finding the right Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) is knowing that they can be trusted with your money. We offer truly independent and professional advice suited to our clients’ financial goals and appetite for risk. Ultimately, we’re here to help our clients make the most of their money.

Pension & Retirement

One of the key areas of concern that our clients have is planning for the day they will eventually retire. In the past few years new legislation has made pensions an increasingly complex area and with large sums of money often held in multiple pots through changes of employment over people’s lifetime, getting the right guidance is vital. We aim to alleviate these concerns and ensure that, once your working life is over you will be financially comfortable and able to prosper in this new chapter. 

Estate & IHT Planning

Wealth preservation through the generations and minimising the impact of inheritance tax (IHT) on their estate is an understandably key concern for our clients. We aim to remove any uncertainty by explaining regulations, reviewing any existing plans to ensure they are structured in the right way, discussing how investments and pensions work from an inheritance point of view and introducing what measures can be taken to be more efficient in this area.


Whether your investment objective is to provide for children’s school fees, reduce mortgage debt or another medium to long-term objective, creating a financial plan that meets your lifestyle goals is the first step. Maintaining the right investment strategy then plays a vital role in securing your financial future. Whether you are looking to invest for income or growth, we can provide quality advice and access to market-leading investment solutions.

Divorce Financial Planning

At Halcyon Wealth, our approach to divorce financial planning is twofold. Initially, we focus on the equitable division of assets, ensuring that all financial elements, including the more complex ones like pension schemes, are fairly assessed and divided. This involves a thorough evaluation of your joint assets, investments and retirement savings, providing clarity and fairness in what can often be a complex process. 

Personal Protection & Insurance

When creating a robust financial plan it is crucial that in addition to making sound investment decisions, you protect against the unexpected. To that end we offer a comprehensive range of personal and business related insurance and protection policies.

We will review your existing policies through your place of employment, or private policies, to ensure they are relevant and suited to your specific situation or change in circumstances. 

Business Protection

We believe Business Protection Insurance should be a key part of your business plan. Many businesses overlook protecting their most important assets: their owners and key people. Too few businesses cover the things that could finish the company and its income – the death or illness (including critical illness) of a business owner or key person. 

Mortgage Advice

Got your eye on a new property? Is your current mortgage deal up for review? Whatever the context, you want the deal that’s best for you and your circumstances, but how to find that right deal? With multiple lenders and an array of different packages on offer, it can be a minefield. But that’s where Halcyon Wealth come in.

Employee Benefits

As today’s diverse workforce have different motivations and lifestyles, there’s no one-size-fits-all option. A good benefits strategy begins by balancing the needs of the business, its people and budget. It’s about digging into the detail and creating a plan that suits your aspirations, then finding the most cost-effective ways to achieve them. 

Responsible Investing

This type of investing has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years, and we at Halcyon Wealth are firm believers in it. That’s not because we think sustainable portfolios will deliver significantly higher financial returns than mainstream portfolios in the future; we don’t. But we do think that everyone has a responsibility to help avert a climate catastrophe, and investing in sustainable funds is an effective way of doing it.